About Us


Victor at the Barn

We love what we do and where we do it!

Hi, We’re  Victor Ramirez and gia combs-ramirez. Together we are the owners of the Diamond J Ranch.

For over 50 years, gia has lived and worked on the ranch beginning when her parents bought it in 1959.


gia in the Mandala Garden

She brings her love of horses, healing, and the Montana outdoors to anyone who will join with her at the ranch.

Victor’s been on the ranch since 1988 and loves meeting people from all over the world and sharing his authentic Mexican cooking .

Our son Diego keeps the horses ready for riding, while our daughter Carina also rides, makes the ranch’s famous Honey Mustard, plants the vegetable gardens and keeps an eye on the 4th generational family members…Julian, age 10 and Quincy age 8 and now Autumn Sofia age 2! Carina’s husband, James, is a firefighter in the U.S. Forest Service and takes care of the trees and trails on the property.

Another important Diamond J member is Scott McBride, our manager who wears many, many hats. We love him so! He is the reservation manager as well as the ranch concierge.

Of course, our horses are also extended family for us and at times we just let them wander the ranch and visit you at your cabin. Shoo them away if they pester you!

Won’t you join us for a weekend or for a while?